Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vive la France!

It is official.  I shall be a legal resident of France for the next 8 months!  After a suspenseful couple of weeks waiting on the French consulate to FedEx my passport back to me, it has finally arrived and is not leaving my sight.  The French consulate likes to keep things interesting...updating you on the status of your visa is not really their thing.  In their defense, though, I will say that my experience in Houston was lovely and I have no complaints.  I was expecting a difficult time, mainly because I had heard horror stories from friends, but my experience could not have been better.  Thank you French government!

I'm am obviously more than excited and will be blogging every detail of my European adventure, so stay tuned.  Also, follow me on Instagram for up to the minute grams.  This is gonna be fun.

Vive la France!  

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