Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Canival 2013: Barkus

In New Orleans we even throw our dogs a parade.  Here are some pictures from Sunday, enjoy!

Bob Marley's dog mon...

Like mother, like daughter...

This dude was awesome.  Judging by his wheels (and misaligned eyes) I'd say he recently got smacked by a car...he was a trooper though.



Best friends, but not really...

The one and only Lloyd.

The Lloyd/Duchess butt embrace. 

The most wrinkles I've ever seen on a dog.

It would've been funnier with like 6 or 8 cones, right?

If you are a sucker for cute dogs, you might want to stay away from this parade.

Delicious fish tacos. 

So long Barkus, until next year...