Thursday, August 25, 2011

Les Miles

Les much as I hate his time management during the games, and some of his play calling, and his mind boggling support of Jordan Jefferson (which might finally come to an end), I actually really like the guy. He's become a national personality, even if the reasons might seem embarrassing at first, like say, for eating grass. But its his ability to make fun of himself that makes him so...endearing? Is that the right word?

And I quote: "Yeah, ya know what I do? I have a little tradition that humbles me as a man, that lets me know that I'm a part of the field, and part of the yeah, it's gonna be all over the news tonight, but ya know what, you should have seen some games before this. I'll tell you one thing, the grass at Tiger Stadium tastes best."

And with that, not only does he make it sound not crazy, but he actually makes you think he is in some way connected with the gods of college football. And there might be something to that...

There's no denying he's one of the luckiest coaches in college football. He has something like a 92% success rate on converting on 4th down. That's unheard of. It's seems every bounce goes his way, literally. If he could only figure out the quarterback position he could hoist up the crystal football every year.

I love that we have such a personality on our team (as long as you take away ALL of his game time decisions). But what I love more is the fact that the players love him, he never takes himself too seriously, and he can make fun of himself better than anyone else. Think white velcro shoes, the hat, the grass, that "special " clap....

Anyway, we'll see how he handles all this bar fight nonsense. He might have his biggest challenge yet on his hands. I'm not worried, this actually might be a blessing in disguise.

Enjoy the new Gameday commercial. And as Les would say, have a great day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lauren & Dario

Lauren & Dario are engaged. To make it official, we walked around the Quarter and took some official looking engagement pics. Besides it being 100* degrees Celsius outside, the shoot went relatively well and I caught up with some old friends. Here are my favorite. To a long and fruitful marriage!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Film is not dead!

I just shot my film roll of film, so I can now officially say that. I used my mother's old Olympus OM-1 and loaded it with Kodak B&W 400TX, a professional black and white film that's been around since the early 50's. I did have to take it to three different places in town before I found someone who could develop it, but I can't wait to see the results.

I have to admit, there is definitely an anticipation that you just don't get with digital. Film is almost like magic. You are literally making an image from a chemical reaction, and when you look at the final result it just has a depth that digital doesn't. It's all fascinating stuff. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself here, I haven't even seen the results of my first roll of film...but if they come out nice, I would love to get more into it. Film is definitely more of an art.

Now I am not knocking digital at all, I love it- couldn't do much without it. But for those days when I'm feeling a bit more artsy, film is the way to go. I'm looking to get a Rolleiflex next.

Good video:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red Dress Run '11

Where else (besides maybe San Fran) do men dress in drag by the thousands? Only in New Orleans. Gay, straight, transgender, whatever...doesn't matter. People gather by the thousands to walk the streets in a red dress. It's become international.

Why, you might ask? Well, if you actually pay the $60 or $70 bucks to register yourself then congrats, you're helping out quite a few charities. But if you're part of the vast majority who didn't, you are literally just walking the streets in drag to say you did. I was one of those, but hey, wearing a dress is actually comfortable.

A little Red Hot Chili Peppers for ya. Hit play and scroll.

This was Spear's day.

The mullet!

The gang.

Another classic pose.

Lot of nip slips throughout the day.

Eggs hangin' on a nail.

"What. The. Hell?"

You gotta enjoy your consciousness while it lasts.

Twins. His hair was real though.

Brian Spear +20 years? Anyone else see it?

Seriously, buy stock in Jansport. It's makin' a comeback.

A little uneven.

Love the dude's glaze in the background.

Empty stare.

Mike McKenzie. Just can't leave...

Chance in escape mode, right after he smoked some chick with that shopping cart.

A perfect ending point.