Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Mallory Family Reunion [2017 Edition]

Well, it finally happened.  Hell has frozen over.  Pigs are flyin'.  The Mallory Clan is back, baby.  After what has seemed like decades, the stars aligned and we finally managed to get all the families in the same spot.  I haven't seen some of these cousins in years...others I've never met.  It was a special time.  

Highlands, North Carolina was the perfect host.  We swam.  We hiked.  We kayaked.  We wrestled goats.  We ate like kings.  The wine flowed like beer.  We even politely discussed politics.  

I can't wait to start doing this more often...maybe even once a year?  Is that impossible!?  

Anyway, enjoy the photos.  This is the Mallory clan.  Grace, Janet, and MayMay are looking down proud on this crew.

It should also be noted that about half the photos from this post were taken by the great James Archer, a fantastic photographer in the making.