Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super Sunday 2012

It was my second time to witness Super Sunday, and once again I was utterly impressed.  These suits are simply amazing.  The whole production is amazing.  But whats more amazing is the pride that these Indians have.  What started out as an almost gang-like affair of violence has turned into a competition of beauty.  Each neighborhood has their own tribe, their own song, their own dance, chant, and whatever else that will separate them from the pack.  

But what's even more awesome to see is the spirit and attitude of these young kids that love to participate.  It really gives you hope that this will continue to be a tradition for quite some time.  If you haven't witnessed it you really should- it's one of the many things that separates New Orleans from the rest of the country.  Watching these men and women and kids celebrate, it's really something special...  They take pride in their work and they should.  It's an awesome event that gives you pride to be an New Orleanian. 

Here are some pics from 2012.  Hit play below to get a feel for the type of music and chants heard on the day.

Indian Red (Wild Man Memorial) by Mardi Gras Indians on Grooveshark

Geronimo Hunters.

The detail is ridiculous. 

Reminds me of Cee Lo for some reason.

Big guy, little horse.

Kermit Ruffins and his Ipad.

Taking a break.  It was pretty warm...

"Do your mean face!"

Airborn...that kid could dance.

Trying to catch up...

This kid was awesome...

Can't touch this...


A friendly game of chess.

An Indian Princess...

Camera envy.  A $10,000+ rig right there... the Leica M9.

End of a long day...glad to have their suits off.