Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Death of Exploration

It is truly a sad day in age for this nation.  I've about had enough.  We no longer value hard work, our entire culture is built around the entitlement of what one is owed, and maybe the worst part, we have stopped exploring.  We are all but doomed.  

Exploration is what made this country great.  It is what set us apart from every other country on earth.  With the death of NASA we have stopped moving forward, we have stopped dreaming of our future.   

Neil deGrasse Tyson (the voice in this video), makes a compelling argument that we are doomed if we stop exploring, that if we fail to explore there will be a ripple effect down the line and have horrible consequences for future generations.  Watch the video above- it's hard not to agree with him.  

All you have to do is pay attention to history.  But sadly, in almost every way we have failed to learn from it.  For some reason, we in America think that the rules of history don't apply to us.  Just read about the falling of Rome, or even more relatable, the fall of Argentina.  We are doing everything verbatim that lead to both of those great nation's collapse!

Think about it-- the massive bailouts. The multiple wars that have no end in sight (and seem more and more pointless by the day).  The entitlement mentality.  The end of NASA.  Hell, they don't even keep score in little league soccer anymore! 

I really fear for our future.   Sorry to be so pessimistic, but seriously, the founder fathers of this nation are rolling over in their graves right now.  We have slowly turned ourselves into exactly what they never wanted and fought so hard against- a place where the banks and the politicians control everything.   

These hard economic times are when we need programs like NASA the most.  They create and foster imagination, and imagination and brains are the only things that are truly recession proof!  There is a huge difference between spending and investing, and sadly most cannot see it.  All we are doing right now is spending- there is no return on our money!  We have got to change our mindset!

Hopefully it's not too late...

End of rant.  Sorry.

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