Sunday, September 29, 2013

New York in 3 minutes

I just stumbled across this very cool time lapse of NY.  Check it out!

New York, NY

Wow, what a city.  It really is mind boggling to think about how huge it is.  Just the logistics of it all give me a headache.  The island of Manhattan alone is home to 8 million people during day, and only a million at night.  Think about that daily migration of humanity.  As chaotic as it all is, it rolls along somewhat smoothly.  It is a true testament to the empire that is New York.  According to most New Yorkers its the center of the universe, and they're not far off.  If you wanted to take a sampling of almost every single culture on earth, you'd have to look no further than New York.  Over 800 languages are spoken within the walls of this place.  Pretty crazy.  

Anyway, we were there to send Riki off to France for a where better to spend one last weekend together than New York?  It was great, but far too short...we didn't get around to half the things we wanted to see, but that's ok.  It isn't going anywhere.  We met up with some old friends and got a taste of the nightlife, food, and things that NYer's do.  

New York has the most of everything in the world.  But as great and as huge and as mind blowing as the place is, it makes you happy for a place like New Orleans, or wherever you're from.  Enjoy the photos from a far too short weekend.  

I've also thrown in some hi res photos of old school New York (like this one from 1913) for the hell of it.  The irony is that these old 8x10 negatives still have more resolution than I could ever get out of my digital camera...the detail is just incredible.   Check out Shorpy for more (and some great ones of New Orleans).

Our hotel was right around the corner from Grand Central, so we had to stop in.  Oh, and I won't ruin it with a picture, but police were blocking off a ramp inside due to the smeared human feces on the railing and floor.  Homeless people are awesome.

New York Public Library in July of 1915.

Bryant Park.

Look closely.  Hilarious.

"River House, 52nd Street and East River."  December 15, 1931.

An early morning stroll.

The Rock.

As usual, everything was being renovated when we were there.

5th Avenue in 1908.  It's changed just a bit.


New York Yatch Club.  Unfortuantely we didn't have time to go inside.  

The exact spot where Riki would leave her cell phone on a ledge, not realizing it until we practically stepped foot on the subway.  Long story short, I run back up in a frantic search and, of course, its long gone.  I call it...and to my great surprise, someone answers.  Turned out to be the security guard inside the Center for Photography.  Someone had turned it in!  In New York City!  Complete relief took me over.  Who turns in an iPhone that they didn't have to steal?  Anyway, the security guard was having a bit of fun with me, demanding an Hasselblad in exchange for the phone.  In case you don't know what a Hasselblad is, think a medium format digital camera system which starts at about $25,000.  It was funny.  


Louie, one of the coolest cats I've ever met.

Rockefeller Center on December 5, 1933.

This is why you should climb 30 Rock instead of the Empire State building.  Not that you get a bad view from the top of the Empire State building, but if you're on top of the Empire State Building, you can't see the Empire State building. 

The glow of Times Square.

Full moon rising over Queens.

The Flatiron Building in 1905.

Eataly...the brilliant Italian market from Mario Batali, the largest of its kind in the world.  Heaven. 

The Blind Barber.

Two dogs, one suitcase.

The rent is too damn high!

A view from Central Park, 1933.

Fall in NY.

Gold jewerly from 300 B.C.   Think about it.  The detail is ridiculous. 

We could have spent all day in the Met, the exhibits were pretty fascinating.  But, we had to get to the rooftop bar while the sun was setting.  A must see if you're in NY!

Legends, a full blown LSU bar in the middle of Manhattan, would be the last stop of our New York trip.  We had a great time and Riki made it to France in one piece.  The journey continues to November get ready for some awesome European adventures!