Monday, June 25, 2012

Chad & Lauren: Married

You know what they say about rain on your wedding day.  Fortunately, it's a good thing.  The heavy rains held off, but it was enough to bust out the umbrellas, which I actually think added to the least from a photographer's point of view.  I was happy to be there to shoot my good friend and co-worker's wedding out in City Park.  Rain and all, it was a blast.

Afterward a small ceremony in the park we headed to Patton's in Slidell to celebrate at their restaurant/catering company, which happens to be in a beautiful old 1895 plantation house.  Great things happen when you marry the daughter of a was the best food I've ever had at a wedding, period.  I love being the photographer and friend on these kinds of occasions.  I stuffed myself until I could barely walk around.

It ended up being an absolutely great night...celebrating with friends, co-workers, and a ton of happy-go-lucky strangers.  Here are a few pictures to prove the good times.  Enjoy!