Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Change of pace: A Carolina weekend and the Wetumpka adventure

It was far too short, but even getting just a few days worth of relaxation with everyone's hectic schedules is quite a feat.  Regardless, it was a perfect weekend- a glorious three days spent in the cool crisp mountains of North Carolina.  

We navigated the waters of the Nantahala, relaxed on the shores of Rocky Knob lake, ate tender fillets overlooking a golden sunset, hiked to a picnic lunch, treated ourselves to a night out at Wolfgang's Bistro, lit victory cigars to celebrate LSU's first beat down of the season, and even managed to explore an abandoned three million dollar mansion with the best views I've ever seen.  It may have been a short weekend, but it was packed with good times.  

Because I was busy enjoying myself, I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, but we got some good ones to remind us of the times.  Here's to good friends and the start of a yearly tradition.  

Poor Gracie was attacked by a pack of joke. She ran up to them to play with them and they turned vicious on her. Like rabies vicious. They literally would have killed her if she didn't fall down a mountain and somehow get into the house.

You can kinda see the huge gash on her neck (with tubes sticking out). She required surgery and multiple staples all over her body. Despite how she looks in this picture, she remained in high spirits and as lovin' as ever!

A cool foggy morning. 

"Excuse me young man, I think you're lost." 

Driving around Highlands we stumbled across a huge mansion with one of the best views I've ever seen.  As we made our way to the back we noticed that it was completely abandoned and wide open.  Derek and Austin swear they saw a light turn off in the house and the girls (as they were checking out the kitchen of all places) swear they heard a cell phone ring. We didn't stay long.  We would later find out that the house had been on sale for quite some time and was currently listed at $2.9 million.  A bargain!

Clue house.

Time to go.

Insane 180° views.

Macro shot of a fuzzy little caterpillar.  

To put it in perspective. 

The plan was to drop Riki off at her grandmother's house in Montgomery on the way home from North Carolina.  I stopped in for a quick break from driving and somehow we all start talking about a cool small town not too far away.  Of course my curiosity was peaked...I love small interesting towns.  Next thing I know we're in a car headed just out of town.

Wetumpka, Alabama is a sleepy little river town named after the Creek word for "rumbling waters" describing the nearby river.  It was a booming cotton town prior to the Civil War, and just lost out to Montgomery on becoming the capital of Alabama.  You might recognize it from Big Fish, which was almost entirely filmed there.  

What you see below is the quaint little town of Wetumpka in all of it's charm.  It's a quintessential American southern town.  They had some really beautiful old homes.  If small and quiet are your thing, this might be the place for you.  

Not exactly sure what that means.

Tee & Felix, a very helpful father and daughter duo.

For whatever reason, the movie crew added that entire middle section of the second story to the house, screwing up the foundation and structural integrity.  It's in the process of slowly being fixed up.


First jail in Wetumpka

A screenshot from Big Fish.

It's funny how this worked out...I wasn't even planning to use this image until I saw the trailer to Big Fish and saw the shot above.  Watch it below to refresh your memory.

So long from North Carolina and Wetumpka, AL!

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