Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red Dress Run '11

Where else (besides maybe San Fran) do men dress in drag by the thousands? Only in New Orleans. Gay, straight, transgender, whatever...doesn't matter. People gather by the thousands to walk the streets in a red dress. It's become international.

Why, you might ask? Well, if you actually pay the $60 or $70 bucks to register yourself then congrats, you're helping out quite a few charities. But if you're part of the vast majority who didn't, you are literally just walking the streets in drag to say you did. I was one of those, but hey, wearing a dress is actually comfortable.

A little Red Hot Chili Peppers for ya. Hit play and scroll.

This was Spear's day.

The mullet!

The gang.

Another classic pose.

Lot of nip slips throughout the day.

Eggs hangin' on a nail.

"What. The. Hell?"

You gotta enjoy your consciousness while it lasts.

Twins. His hair was real though.

Brian Spear +20 years? Anyone else see it?

Seriously, buy stock in Jansport. It's makin' a comeback.

A little uneven.

Love the dude's glaze in the background.

Empty stare.

Mike McKenzie. Just can't leave...

Chance in escape mode, right after he smoked some chick with that shopping cart.

A perfect ending point.


  1. Now that I'm marooned in Texas I guess I need to subscribe to your blog feed brah.