Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mike G's New Jeep

My good friend and avid outdoorsman, simply known as Mike G., just got a new Jeep.  This was nothing short of a monumentus occasion.  You see, Mike G. is no stranger to Jeeps, and in fact, has a borderline obsession with them.  One of his lifelong goals was met yesterday when his blog post (about his new Jeep) reached the top spot on the Jeep Reddit forum.  His old Wrangler, the Eagle, (yes, as in the Apollo lander) has been replaced by his new baby, The Endeavor.  It needed to be documented properly.  

If you can't tell, Mike G. is quite the explorer.  He is fascinated by anything Mother Nature does, and nothing excites him more than the hope of one day falling to his death in an icy crevasse.  I'm not kidding.  He is a great writer and deep thinker, all of which he shares on his blog, The Monkey Hill Mountaineer.  I especially like this latest entry.  His new baby is a real beaut, and I hope to go on many adventures with him in the Endeavor.  (He also hates it when people misuse the word 'adventure'.  Your 3am trip to Wal Mart is not an 'adventure'.  I should also point out that he literally almost died of hypothermia on top of a mountain a few months ago, so he absolutely has the right to let this misuse of the word bother him.) 

He also moonlights as a poet.  I will leave you with a recent facebook post of his:

"It is the simple things that make me smile. The smell of cypress sap on the breeze, the sunlight dancing on the leaves while streaming through the canopy into early morning fog, the rich fragrance of fresh rain fallen onto hot dry rocks, the cool breeze proceeding an approaching front, the crying of the red winged black birds in the brush, an osprey circling overhead, the colors of sunset, and the last light of day that is barely touching the peak of a mountain with its blood red hue. At these moments I am truly happy. It is not the things made by man but those sanctioned by God."

Good luck Mike G...may you never stop exploring.

Mike G, I will be offended if this is not your obituary photo.

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