Saturday, November 23, 2013

Team Gleason Foundation Benefit

I've written about Team Gleason and Steve a lot before, and I've been lucky enough to tag along at some truly great events.  This was no exception.  We were all there for one reason- to raise money for Team Gleason.  Like I've said before, I just don't know if this kind of love and support could happen anywhere else.  There is such a sense of community here, all wanting to help Steve achieve his mission.  Steve and his team are doing some truly amazing things.  From hosting the first ever ALS Summit in New Orleans last year, to opening one of the first ever ALS specialized house in the world, to helping real families with ALS realize that a diagnosis is not the end, the list of things TG does goes on.  It's exhausting, and really hard work.  But Steve is dedicated.  As of right now, the only 'cure' for ALS is the technology that prolongs his life.  But there are far too many people who simply can't afford it.  He wants to change that.  There will be a real cure found in the future, and he wants to be alive to see it.  

As you can imagine, all of this effort requires money...a lot of money.  Hence, the first ever Gleason Foundation Benefit.  As you will see, it was a pretty epic night.  A lot of great people showed up to voice their support.  I encourage you to help Team Gleason out.  What they are doing is truly amazing.  Even a few dollars helps.  Donate $10 and you could even win Steve's restored 1965 MustangIt's awesome!  

So please check out Team Gleason and consider helping out.  I promise you, it's worth it.  Enjoy the photos.

The end to a great night.

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