Monday, November 4, 2013

Keri's Bridals

I've been patiently waiting to post these.  This is Keri, who was recently married to my good friend, Lou.  I shot their beautiful wedding this past weekend, so I can now post these.  These are some of my favorite portraits I've taken to date.  Not only is Keri easy on the eyes, but she made my job insanely easy...super cool girl.  

Unfortunately we were limited to the indoors due to the small hurricane happening outside, but we made the best of it.  We were able to get some shots on the porch when the rain slowed a bit, and they happen to be my favorite.  It was also my chance to use my "new" lens, an old 85mm Soviet hunk of glass...imperfect in about every way, except of course, the look of the final picture.  It's heavy, manually focuses, and most likely radioactive (I'm only slightly kidding), but the results are simply beautiful, and remind me greatly of the old brass barrel lens used in wet plate or large format photography.  It's kinda a great mix of both worlds.  Anyway, you'll see what I'm talking about below.  Enjoy...I'll be posting more from the wedding soon!

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