Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Big D

Well, the Tigers pulled it out. Not in nearly as dramatic fashion as I was expecting, but better. It was the good ole welcome-to-the-SEC butt whippin' that all non-conference foes are accustomed to getting from Les Miles. He's a perfect 24-0 non-conference regular season. That is all you need to know about the toughness of the SEC.

I really like what I saw from the boys in Purple & Gold. We are back to our championship winning formula. The defense played to near perfection. Jared Lee and the offense maintained a perfect tempo to keep the high flying Ducks off the field. Our special teams put us in great field position all game. But here's the kicker- we only had 5 penalties. That would be great even if we didn't have the distractions of the infamous soccer kick to the head. Les Miles had his boys ready to play. And he always does.

Our D is the real deal. Blazingly fast and blitz happy, they were hitting their targets with the precision and explosiveness of heat seeking missiles. Those 4 turnovers were no fluke. And Tyrann Mathieu WILL, mark my words, be a better corner than Patrick Peterson. Well, maybe...he certainly has the potential. His ball awareness is unreal. Defensive Heisman contender part II.

Oregon might have been a tad bit overrated, but make no mistake, they're still a damn good football team. It just goes to show the depth that the SEC possesses. Our third and forth stringers can keep up with anyone in the country. That is something you just don't get in the pacific northwest. Sorry Phil Knight.

Enough of the game. I'm sure you saw it. What really made the weekend great was the company we were in. We arrived to Flower Mound on Friday night (after a couple of unintentional tours of DFW) and were welcomed with a table full of Texas BBQ. Our hosts, Susie & Cooper, could not have been more awesome- they made us feel right at home. The rest of the weekend was spent lounging in the pool and drinking homemade Margaritas, which were made that much better by the LSU win.

And as much as I wanted to hate Jerry World and the Rhode Island sized HD screen, I simply couldn't. It was awesome. The Cowboys still suck though.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip. Oh, and they were all taken with my new Canon S95. Fits right in my pocket and takes pictures that rival some much bigger cameras. I fell in love. Definitely a great buy if you're in the market. More on that soon.

The calm before the storm.

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