Monday, September 12, 2011

The Johnny Cash Project

I have to admit, I hadn't heard of the Johnny Cash Project until I saw it on a Google Chrome commercial, but after seeing it I had to check it out. It is such a cool project. It is going to be Johnny Cash's last music video, and each frame is going to be drawn by a different "artist" from around the world. I went to the site and had to try it. Watch the video to get a better understanding.

Here is my submission, frame #1196. It's waiting for "approval", so we'll see if it makes it. But regardless, the final video is going to be insane. Awesome, awesome project.

It only lets you choose from 3 different frames at a time, but if you refresh your browser it gives you more to choose from. I'll have to go back a draw another one when I have more time.

Original frame:

My frame:
Kinda hard to tell what it is, but in this frame Johnny is walking behind a house in a field. Check out a step-by-step video of how I did it here.

You really should at least go check out this website, if not make your own frame:

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