Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old Police Jail and Patrol Station

I have very little info on this beautiful building, other than it was built in 1902 as, if you haven't guessed it, a Police Station for Treme.  In 1951 it was converted into a library and community center for the neighborhood, and it has been abandoned since Katrina.  These pictures are back from 2010, but even by then the place had been stripped to the bones on the inside.  There was nothing left.

The reason I dug these pictures up is because this building is up for auction on July 31.  The opening bid starts at $175,000 and it qualifies for some historic tax credits.  This building is absolutely beautiful and still appears solid as a would be perfect for so many things.  At the very least, return it to a library branch and community center.  I'm excited to see what happens...if anything.  

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