Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running of the (Nola) Bulls '12

There's something about being up at 6am that I just love.  It's cool outside.  There's dew on the grass.  The world is at peace.  All is calm.  It's a shame I only see it a few times a year.  I really should try to become more of a morning person.  The problem is I get most things done at night.  But I digress.

Maxwell showed up to the house at 6:30 sharp and we were off to downtown in the back of a truck.  Another fun thing to do before 7am.  All of downtown was quiet.  It was clean.  Construction was everywhere.  Just another sign of a comeback. 

I've been looking forward to this specific event for quite some time. They shut down most of downtown so over 15,000 brave souls can run from a bunch of Rollerderby girls with a beer in hand.  I'm pretty sure New Orleans is the only city that does this, and I can't see why it hasn't caught on elsewhere.  Maybe it has, or maybe it will.  But it's a great time.  More than 400 Roller Derby girls from all over come to take out their pent up aggression on complete strangers.    

Don't let the "girl" part throw you off.  I saw outright carnage.  It's obvious to me that some of these bulls are harboring some very deeply buried demons.  I almost saw one little man beat to death with a plastic bat. Seriously, he was was not amused.  At one point he grabbed her arm to prevent another blow and you wouldn't thought he pinched a pair of nipples in a strip club.  Apparently touching is not allowed, and he learned the hard way.  She continued to beat him, and albeit a plastic bat, trust me, it stung.  I swear at one point I though he was going to knock her out, but he didn't. He held back and it's a good thing he did.  He would've been beaten to a pulp.  These sisters stick together.  

This event is not for the weak-assed.  You need a thick butt and/or a belly of whiskey to run with these bulls.  

[To my few photographer chaps, I'm taking to you.  The rest of you can skip the camera talk.]  I  brought my X100 along which was a bit of a mistake.  It is such an awesome sexy little camera and I want to bring it with me everywhere.  The picture quality is insane.  But it sucks at auto focusing fast enough to capture most action.  If something is coming at you fast then can forget about it.  I felt like a missed a lot of shots.  But still, when you see the level of tack sharp detail when you nail the focus it's a beautiful thing.  Oh well, lesson learned.  I still absolutely love it...someone even came up to me and starting talking all about film and the good ole days.  I didn't brake his heart.  I also got to shoot my buddy Dane's Leica M6, my first experience with the almighty red dot.  I have my own humble opinion of Leica digital cameras, but I have no doubt their film cameras and glass cannot be beat.  We'll see how those shots turn out.

Enough about all are some of my favorites of the day, complete with a playlist of songs that were heard throughout the day.  Hit play and scoll.  Enjoy.

For sale.  Here's looking at you Alamo Drafthouse.

ISO 2500.  Almost zero grain.

Tack sharp wide open.

They're heeeerrrrrrre...

The bat reads, "Punishment."

Val Kilmore was takin' it to another level.


Spear gettin' speared.  

The Red Dot.

The shirt says it all.

Love the two guys in the background.

Long day.

Classic Spear.  I think he really missed his calling.

I guarantee you you could hear that slap across the Mississippi. 

The truck ride from hell.

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