Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ali & Justin: Married

I can't lie- I was terrified.  Nervous.  Sweating uncontrollably.  The church didn't want me to use a flash during the ceremony and I had to respect that.  By the time the ceremony started the sun had gone down and was no longer shining through the windows.  The church was all but pitch black.  This would make the most seasoned pro sweat...and I was no exception.  

To make up for the lack of light, I was shooting at ISO 6400, the absolute highest ISO setting on my trusty 7D.  I was pushing my camera to it's absolute limit.  Literally.  This scared me (and it was probably obvious).  There was plenty of praying going on in that church...and it paid off.  The church shots, albeit a bit grainy, came out rather good.  I think that the added grain actually works really does add the feel of film.  It's a classic look.  

I also had my little X100 with me, which I like to use without a flash for that very reason.  The grain is tiny and film like, and most people would believe that I was actually shooting with film.  I love it.  

Anyway, enough about my gear.  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  Holy Name of Jesus (on Loyola's campus) is a stunningly beautiful church and the reception was held at the Audubon Tea Room.  It was my first time attending anything in that venue and it was beautiful.  The band was great.  And like every other wedding I've photographed, I was made to feel like family.  Awesome couple.  Great families.  Hilarious friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself (after the church) and had a great time.  Here are some pics that captured the night.  Enjoy!


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