Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gilbert the gecko

I found this little guy inside last night, and despite my best efforts to be lazy and leave the camera gear in the bag I knew I had to take pictures of him.  This dude was tiny, just a baby.  But no worries, the level of detail captured is amazing.  These small resolution photos don't do it justice (click a pic to enlarge).  I'm convinced there's not a better combo for close ups than my 7D and 100mm (which because of the crop ratio is essentially a 160mm).  I don't know how this isn't an L lens.  

Anyway, I'm glad I took the time to get a few shots.  These would look awesome blown up huge on a wall.  I might have to get a huge print made.  The lesson to be learned:  don't be lazy.

Translucent skin.

I'm pretty convinced that he wanted to become my friend after he figured out I wasn't trying to eat him.  After trying to release him back into the wild he clung on, not letting go.  We had bonded...or maybe it was because I had just blinded him, I don't know.  Anyway, I had to pry him off.  It was a little bit of a White Fang moment.  Who knows, maybe we'll meet again one day.

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