Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

For the past month I have been scanning and fixing up all of my mother's old photos from her childhood and beyond.  It's been a tedious but fascinating glimpse into my family's past (which my Aunt Nancy has traced all the way back to royalty in England - so remember that...).  I've been doing this for two reasons- One, to digitize all of these photos before it's too late, and two, because it's my mother's birthday today and I wanted to present her with a very special project.   I wonder what it could be?!  

Anyway, while scanning and studying all of these old pictures, it occurred to me that my grandmother was an amazing and beautiful woman, yet I only knew her as an old woman.  It's sad.  What would you do to go back and meet your loved ones in their prime?  It made me think about my own future, future kids and grandkids, and it saddens me a little that they'll never know the me before kids.  That is one reason why pictures are so important to me.  They're proof that we lived!  

So, here are some of my favorites from the collection.  If you want to check out more old scans, head over to my website here.

Happy ____th birthday Mom!

My grandfather, James Guy Mallory.

The Sprague, my great grandfather's boat.

My grandmother, the beautiful Grace Chapman.

More to come!

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