Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two Hours in New York

I recently spent a couple of days in New York on some Dear World business.  It happened to be their coldest two days of the year so far...and by "cold" I mean like -6° with the wind chill...the coldest my bones have ever witnessed.  (I have some friends in Chicago laughing right now.)  On our last day we had some time to kill before catching our flight back home, and as much as I wanted to stay warm, I knew a couple of hours in Central Park after a fresh snow fall would prove to be worth it.  And it was.  It's hard to be a photographer in New York and not get any opportunities to walk to the streets, but these alone seemed to make the trip worth it.  Enjoy.


Poor guy...he was either injured or old, but either way he's probably dead now.

And I might have bird flu...but it was worth it.  Our souls connected.  

Not a bad time to fly over Manhattan.  

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