Friday, April 12, 2013

Bringing Back Bell

My first magazine cover!  Well, it's not exactly Sports Illustrated or GQ, but it is still a sweet local magazine that interests me deeply, so I'll take it.  Here are some lo res screen grabs from the issue, but click here for the full hi res version.  You can even read it if you want to!

The gist of it is that Artspace, an awesome company that rehabs old historical buildings into artist lofts,  is bringing Bell back.  The Andrew J. Bell school in Treme has been one of my favorite buildings since I moved here, and it's been just rotting away since Katrina.  It's unlike any building in New Orleans.  I am so glad they are saving it- this bodes well for our future.  Anyway, check out the link below and share the good news!

Full res article: Bringing Back Bell

Check out my original post with all the abandoned pics, via The Nola Daily:

Pick up your copy today!

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