Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Are Augustines

I've shared some songs from these guys on here before, but I just bought tickets to see We Are Augustines in Paris(!) next month and I'm very excited.  Here is a recent live performance on Letterman which I thought was really good.  I've never heard Letterman quote a band like he does at the end either:

"Life is an ocean, and we are all ships. Now, if your ship has sunk, don't despair, don't lose hope.  Rise ye sunken ships."

Here's my favorite song on the album, Headlong into the Abyss.  It never gets old.  Crank it.

Headlong Into The Abyss by We Are Augustines on Grooveshark

If you haven't heard of them you really should check out the whole album.  It's fantastic, not a bad song on it.  Here's a good introduction to the band:

If you've read this far and are still intrigued, may I suggest this article for you to read.  You'll like them even more.  Enjoy.  

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