Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Navy Ship Week

Here are a few pics from the Navy Ship week on the riverfront last week.  Unfortunately they cancelled the Blue Angels due to the wind...and unfortunately the one night I could make it down there we were too late to board the ships.  But it was still cool to see history docked in your own backyard.

[For my few photographer chaps:  With all the new cameras coming out lately it's very easy for one to get camera envy, and it's really easy to blame your gear for you being lazy.  But all of these were taken handheld with my "old" 7D with the ISO cranked up between 1600 and 3200 (high for this camera).  The grain is definitely noticeable, but definitely usable.  The point is to not make excuses, there will always be a better camera or lens  (and I am very guilty of this).  Anyway, until I can afford the 5D III, it's nice to know that mine can still hang.] 

Enjoy this ships! 

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