Tuesday, July 26, 2011

True Talent Lost

Can't say that this came as much of a surprise, but honestly, why are the most talented people the most tragic? I guess it's like someone once told me, "you want your rock stars to be crazy." Sad, but true. Could you imagine if Kurt Cobain lived the lifestyle of Wayne Newton? That might be a little hard to sell. It's just a shame that everyone glamorizes the "rock star" lifestyle of someone like Amy Winehouse, when clearly her life sucks. But I guess with songs like Rehab and Addicted, she did this a bit herself. But hey, at least she wrote her own songs! (can you imagine!?!?!?)

It's sad because she was actually talented, a word vastly overused these days. Not only did Mrs. Winehouse have an amazing voice, but her style and blend of 1960's jazz and modern R&B was something truly unique, very reminiscent of Motown or the like. No one is doing anything like it, and if they were, it would be blatant plagiarism. Who knows what kind of music we would have had if she could have just kept it together. But hey, at least we still have the talent of Britney Spears!

Below are some of my favorites. Rock on baby, rock on.

You'll probably become a legend.

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