Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Mumford & Sons Songs!

Very excited about the Railroad Revival Tour coming to town tomorrow. Mumford & Sons twice in three days?? When I first heard them I thought I would never get to see them live (being an unheard of band in the UK and all), but come Friday at Jazz Fest and I will have seen them three times.

I have probably listened to Sigh No More about 58 times all the way through, and it never gets old. But....I have found some new songs for your listening pleasure. Check out the playlist below. Most of these are live, and will hopefully be on their next album.

Also, check out the tickets above. Have you ever seen such awesome tickets? Just look at those things. And they're personalized. Anyway, enjoy the new Mumford & Sons songs. Hopefully I will get some cool photos of the show tomorrow night.

Some videos:

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