Thursday, April 14, 2011

Audubon Oaks, Part I

Audubon Park has got to be one of the prettiest green spaces in the entire country. I would put it up next to anything I've seen, including Central Park. Designed by the renowned landscape architect John Charles Olmsted, it stretches out over 340 acres in Uptown New Orleans. It has a pretty interesting history too...the land was the site of a sugar plantation owned by the first mayor of New Orleans, which later became the site of a Confederate camp during the Civil War, which later became the site for a Union hospital during the same war, which later became the site of the World's Industrial and Cotton Exposition in 1884, which later became Audubon Park in 1898.

The park today is home to an eclectic group of people. Joggers, bikers, college kids, barefoot hippies, crazy birds of all kinds....I even saw crazy old James Carville looping the lakes last time I was there. Its a great place to just sit back and people watch- if you like to watch people exercising that is. I would hit up the French Quarter for the more interesting folks.

Anyway, it is my goal to take some interesting pictures of the awesome oak trees that call the place home. I went with black & white for a number of reasons. First off, it just looks classy. Its the difference between porn and 'art'. Second, it has a timeless feel to it. Very Ansel Adams. Third, it just plain looks better. So enjoy the beautiful and majestic oaks of New Orleans Audubon Park. And at more than 340 acres to trek through, this is hardly finished. More to come.

More photos from Audubon to come. City Park is next on the list...

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