Saturday, December 12, 2015

All Dogs go to Heaven

The world has lost a very bright light.  Lloyd, this biggest bear and greatest dog I've ever known, passed away this week.  He was 63.  Simply put, he was the best dog I've ever had the pleasure of calling one of my best friends, and he wasn't even mine.  Lloyd belonged to my lifelong friend and roommate Nauman, but I loved him like he was my own.  We lived under the same roof for over three years, and in that time we bonded like brothers.  

In a tragic turn of events, both he and his sister Dutchess (another amazing pooch) lost their battle to a nasty and aggressive cancer within two months of each other.  If there's any silver lining, it's that it was quick and there was no prolonged suffering.  But still, it took everyone by complete surprise.  We had just celebrated their 9th birthday in July.    

Lloyd and Dutchess, the snaggletooth twins.  Photo: @lloydlovesnola

I have enough stories of Lloyd to fill a novel.  His zest for life was infectious, and he could warm up any room just by walking in.  Even if you hated dogs you were guaranteed to love Lloyd.  Whatever it was, he had it.  His loss is mourned by many.

You might think it's silly to talk about a dog like this.  But Lloyd was no ordinary dog.  He was an old soul who could calm you down and cheer you up.  He possessed human emotions, and he could talk to you with just his eyes.  Even in the realm of awesome dogs he was completely unique...truly one of a kind.  He had a purity and innocence that couldn't be faked.  Lloyd was nothing but love, and it's really sad that that can't last forever.  

If you're lucky, every once in a while someone special like Lloyd enters your life and makes it that much better.  His awesomeness makes it that much harder now that he's gone, but we are constantly reminded of him and the goodness he brought into this world.  

Lloydy, you were one of the greats.  It was a privilege to be a part of your life.  We'll see you again one day buddy.  

[As you can imagine, I have quite the stockpile of photos of Lloyd from over the years.  So hit play and enjoy.]

Lloyd was a drooler.

But he was also a deep thinker.

I would often catch him in very deep thought.

Lloyd could be a fighter...

...and a lover.

Lloyd hated Christmas sweaters.

...really hated them.

When food was involved, Lloyd could be very patient.

Lloyd's drool should have been studied for science.  Forget spider's web- pound for pound there was no stronger substance on earth.  I've seen small children dragged away by just a single strand.  It was no needed a pressure washer to get the stuff out of your clothes.  Despite this, no one seemed to ever mind.     

Lloyd was an amazing test subject, always posing for me when I got new gear in the mail.

He was one beautiful beast.

Lloyd loved his sister, Dutchess.

...and she loved him.

Lloyd loved his spot in the sun.

...and his spot on the couch.  Sorry Nauman.

Lloyd was very suspicious of any kind of sparkler.

Lloyd loved to rest his jowls on you.  Photo: @riki.minaj

And he loved being goofy.

Photo: @riki.minaj

Lloyd never quite learned not to mess with bees.  

Lloyd loved joy rides.  Photo: @lloydlovesnola

Lloyd was obsessed with his imaginary creature in the tree.

We were lucky enough to get one last birthday celebration in before they left us.  

Photo: @riki.minaj

So long buddy.  We sure do miss you, but heaven is a better place with you there.

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