Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sara & Jay :: A Covington Wedding

The Hickman's and I go way back.  In fact, for a while there I pretty much became one of the family.  In exchange for giving Sara a ride to school everyday, I had free access to the fridge and pantry.  I'm still not sure who got the better deal.  They were angels for putting up with me.  It had been entirely too long since I'd last seen them, but we hit it off without missing a beat.  The Hickman's are one of those tight knit bunches that you can't help but love being around.  They have a way of making you feel like family, and always have.  It was great to catch up.  And who knew I would one day photograph Sara's wedding all those years ago?

The newly renovated Southern Hotel in downtown Covington provided to be the perfect setting, and the crisp spring weather in Louisiana could not have been any more perfect.  Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Congrats to Jay and Sara!  

Hit play and enjoy the photos!

Mean To Me by Brett Eldredge on Grooveshark

P.S. - To whom it may concern, I'm still waiting on that quesadilla maker.  Take your time.  



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  2. Congratulations Sara and Jay. I really enjoyed watching your wedding photos that you have shared here. The planning for your wedding was done perfectly. Hey do you think it is important to hire a planner for wedding arrangements, I am thinking to hire one for my San Diego Wedding venues decoration part.

  3. Posted here beautiful pics of your wedding many congratulation to both of you for your wedding. Thanks for posting here your pics really great!!!!

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