Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chateau de Bagnac

I could hardly contain my excitement as we pulled up to the property after a two hour drive.  Riki and I had rented a car in Tours for our two day journey through the Loire Valley, and the 14th century Chateau de Bagnac was high on the list of things to see.  As we drove up to the property I could see the two tallest towers peaking from above the treeline, and it instantly reminded me of the old rickety castle in Sword in the Stone, one of my all time favorite Disney movies.  I'm happy to say, even Riki was fascinated with this old Cinderella ruin.  

It must be noted that only a single section, the grand tower, dates back to the 14th century.  The rest of the present day castle was built in the mid 1800's, finally being completed in 1875.  Like most of these grand homes, it's useful life did not last long and it was abandoned for good in 1949.  According to one blogger, it seems as though it was doomed from the very beginning, as it was hastily built in a mad furry with too many materials that weren't very compatible with each other.  Brick, limestone, and granite all react very differently to the cold winters and changing weather, and the combo didn't fare well for the future of the structure.  It shows.  Time has taken its toll.  

It has been said that every once in a blue moon the last surviving owner, a little old lady from nearby Limoges, makes the drive from her home only to watch her castle continue to crumble.  According to rumors she had quite a terrible childhood here, and is more than content with the slow deterioration of her former home.  Poetic justice at its finest!  Unfortunately, this once grand chateau is beyond all practical saving.  In another couple of decades it will be nothing more than a very nice pile of bricks.  Sad, but just another reminder that nothing lasts forever.

RC photo.

RC photo.

RC photo.

RC photo.

There was also an abandoned farmhouse on the property.

Bonus photo: Here's a beautiful little cliff town on our way back to our hotel!


  1. Incredibly beautiful. I've been in love with this chateau for quite some time and always deeply regret there are such wonderful enchanted places that are left alone to suffer from negligence. A regular maintenance seems a lot easier and reasonable than an expensive restoration.