Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Cool Hyperlapse of Paris

Really cool 'hyperlapse' of the City of Light.  While I would love to try my hand at one of these, they take an insane amount of time, and more importantly, patience.  The technique is simple enough to understand, yet extremely difficult to execute.  You have to focus on one point, take a picture, move the tripod a foot, take another picture, move the tripod a foot...etc.  It all has to be extremely precise, and all of your settings have to remain exactly the same.  You need 24 frames for 1 second of video, so you can understand the amount of work that goes into a 2.5 minute video like this.  I'm already annoying enough to travel with when I'm just taking pictures, so this is most definitely a solo project.  One day.

Anyway, enjoy a quick tour of Paris. 

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