Saturday, December 14, 2013

Claymation Christmas

For most people, Christmas is one of their very first memories, and I am no exception.  Claymation Christmas was one of my very first memories, and every year it was a Christmas tradition to gather around the tube and watch.  That is, until it stopped coming on.  My brother and I were devastated.  Every year we'd scour the newspaper TV section with no luck.  We'd check for it at our local video store.  No luck.  These were dark times, the early 90's, and the internet was still a thing of science fiction.  Even worse, no one knew what we were talking about when we mentioned the brilliant Christmas special. We were out of luck.  I thought I'd never see it again.  

Then the internet happened.  Then YouTube.  Hell, you can even purchase the whole thing on Amazon now.  We are living in enlightened times.      

For me this is nostalgia at its finest.  Way to go, internet.  Way to go.

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