Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Faced :: Halloween 2012

Before we took to Frenchman last night I decided I wanted to get a couple of good pics before this makeup was destroyed.  Unfortunately the Pocket Wizards for my new Canon 5D Mark III hadn't come in yet, so I had to use my 7D to trigger the off camera flash, but the results were almost as good.  Here are some shots from Riki's backyard.  

It was my intention to bring this rig out to Frenchman Street to get some really cool studio style shots of complete strangers in full garb, but that idea was quickly abandoned when I saw how crazy the street was last weekend (and how amazing ISO 10,000+ is from the 5D).  And I wanted to enjoy myself.  One day...

Much more from Halloween 2012 to come, including the insane high ISO results from the 5DIII.  It has reaffirmed my faith in the DSLR. 

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