Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jesse & Amantha Round II

Due to the size of the small wedding a month ago, many family and friends were not invited to see the real deal.  So, in lieu of that my parents decided to throw the newlyweds another party- which was a smashing success.  It was another perfect night on the lakefront, and a good time was had by all.

[If you were in attendance and see a photo that you would like to print, just send me an email (jmsphoto504@gmail.com) and I'll send you a high resolution file.]  Enjoy!

The calm before.

Need an awesome HOMEMADE cake?

Call Tammy McMahon...985-335-7967.

The couple has arrived.

More awesome decorations by Tammy.

Perfect night on the lakefront.

Absolutely delicious.  

This scares me...

My new sister...

There was a theme if you couldn't tell...

Anti theft protection.

End of the night.

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