Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Tuesday 2012

Well, for the first time since I was a little kid I decided to go all out for Mardi Gras.  Day of the Dead was the theme, and I think we pulled it off quite nicely...(doing our own makeup and all). It was a ton of fun dressing up- there was a sort of validation that you get from the rest of the crazies.  In the past, walking  amongst the crowds in plain clothes can make you feel very insecure, as if you didn't quite belong.  This year, we could hang with the best of them.  When you're masked you can do whatever the hell you want- no will recognize you or ever know who you are.  It's fun, and the only way to do Mardi Gras.

We also had our picture taken quite a lot, something that is rare for me.  You're flattered and annoyed at the same time.  Now I know how it feels.

To top the day off, Riki and I were even invited to a swinger's party in a huge mansion, which I have to say, was a first for me.  Think Eyes Wide Shut (but with very regular looking people).  Flattered (even though I know I was only part of a package deal), we politely declined after I tried to get all the info I could out of these so called "swingers".  The kind-eyed but tatted up stranger tried to convince us to join them as she non-nonchalantly pointed out her "husband", then her "boyfriend", then her other "boyfriend", and then her "girlfriend" for the night.  The only reason I am including all this info is because I found the world of swinger's oddly fascinating and incredibly creepy at the same time.  I thought this kind of stuff only happened on Real Sex.  Alas, it happens everywhere.

Anyway, all in all it was a great Mardi Gras, and the start of a new tradition, for me, anyways.  I didn't get around to taking all the pictures I wanted to, but here are some of the good ones from the day.  Hit play and enjoy.

The end of a very long day...

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