Monday, November 14, 2011

Modern Art Strikes Again

More proof that rich people are stupid and have no taste. What you are about to see is not a joke. These are three of the most expensive photos ever sold. Not only are they just plain ugly, boring, and unartistic, but they have no meaning whatsoever. They say nothing about society or even a single point in time in history. Nothing. They just colors on a piece of paper.

Clearly Christie's could sell a dog turd wrapped in tin foil for $4 million, because you couldn't even give these prints away at a garage sale.

Andreas Gursky's "Rhein II" just sold for $4,338,500 at Christie's on November 8th, 2011. You are looking at the most expensive photo ever sold. This is not a joke. Someone must really love grey and green lines.

Cindy Sherman's "Untitled #96" from 1981. This is a self potrait. Sold at Christie's for over $3.9 million.

These are Christie's official notes on "Untitled #96" from the auction, doing their very best to make a worthless photo sound important:

"Sherman adopted the personae of a teenage girl in this large, almost life-size photograph - lying supine on the floor, clutching a page torn from the newspaper classifieds. Who is this girl? Why is she lying on the floor? Is she scheming to find true love, or the brokenhearted victim of a failed love affair? The work exudes shock and confrontation through its scale and the boldness of Sherman's tight compositional framing, yet the figure at the work's center is also endearing and curiously vulnerable. Sherman places these conflicts at her work's very heart, as she questions, not only the medium of photography, but also our wider assumptions about gender and truth in the modern world... The girl in the gingham dress does not meet our gaze but instead looks off into the middle distance, as if distracted by dreams of an unrequited love affair or a romance that is still a figment of her imagination. However her schoolgirl naivety is betrayed by her freshly painted blood red nails, heavily rouged cheeks and bright red lipstick - all signs of burgeoning sexuality, all enhanced by the provocative upturned hem of her skirt..."

Wow. Just wow. Rich people are stupid. Here's another one from Gursky:

"99 Cent II Dipychon" sold for $3.4 million back in 2007.

Personally, I don't think any photo in the bunch is worth a penny more than $3.2 million, but who am I?


  1. What in the world? I'm not a photographer, but I take photos 100x better than this!
    But, I know exactly how you feel. I'm a writer. So when E.L. James released her fan fiction with changed names, Fifty Shades Of Grey, it was a slap in the face to hard working authors everywhere.

    1. Haha I'm just seeing this...and I know, I haven't read Fifty Shades but I have read excerpts and the writing is appalling. Pure crap. But that's what sells these days!